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S3EP14: IT and OT Convergence at the Edge

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S3EP14: IT and OT Convergence at the Edge
November 1, 2023

S3EP14: IT and OT Convergence at the Edge

This episode features an interview between Bill Pfeifer and Jeroen Mackenbach, Engineering Technologist for the Edge Portfolio at Dell Technologies.

Jeroen Mackenbach

Jeroen Mackenbach

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Episode Transcript

What can IT learn from OT and vice versa? How are these two groups collaborating and where is it difficult for them to see eye-to-eye? In this episode, Bill sits down with Jeroen Mackenbach, Engineering Technologist for the Edge Portfolio at Dell Technologies, who has extensive experience on both the IT and OT side, and who has been writing and speaking about the ways the two groups can relate to one another to work together. They dive into the various perspectives each group brings and how this will influence the edge.

Key Quotes:

“What I see is that OT and IT, they aren't getting along because there's a lot of very different areas that they're interested in. It's a tough equation.”

“OT is doing a lot of innovation to make sure that they can actually utilize all of those resources in a deterministic way. And we now need IT to actually adopt it to make sure that we have the capabilities to actually run these virtualized workloads.

“It's a lot of interaction between the OT and the IT world, which is happening. And that allows us to also do a lot of innovation, together with these partners which is a good thing because we're making a lot of progress there.”

Show Timestamps: 

(01:20) How Jeroen got started in technology

(02:37) Why did he move into IT?

(04:55) IT versus OT

(06:20) How can we remove friction between IT and OT?

(10:41) Tech cycles in IT, OT and at the edge

(13:03) Why Jeroen wrote a blog about IT and OT  

(15:55) Is automation at the edge bringing IT and OT closer together?

(19:12) Operating at an IT scale with OT level security

(21:40) SCADA networks and security

(28:07) Collaboration between both ways of thinking

(34:13) What IT and OT learn from each other

(40:00) What is Jeroen focused on next?


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