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S3EP07: K3s and the Tiny Edge

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S3EP07: K3s and the Tiny Edge
July 19, 2023

S3EP07: K3s and the Tiny Edge

This episode of Over the Edge features an interview between Matt Trifiro and Keith Basil, GM, Edge Business Unit at SUSE.

Keith Basil

Keith Basil

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Episode Transcript

This episode of Over the Edge features an interview between Matt Trifiro and Keith Basil, GM, Edge Business Unit at SUSE. Keith is an expert in cloud compliance, Kubernetes, OpenStac, cloud, edge, and decentralized architectures, among other specialities. In this conversation, he and Matt discuss K3s, the tiny edge, and the impact that SUSE hopes to have at the edge. They dive into real world examples of how the edge is being used in retail and discuss other use cases that are driving demand for SUSE’s technologies.

Key Quotes:

“And then within that far edge location, we have what we call the tiny edge. And this is basically the industrial IOT space, right? Or the fourth industrial revolution is happening at the tiny edge space.”

“We expect Kubernetes to be everywhere. We expect it to be fully commoditized.”

“The industrial IoT space, we think, is gonna represent the most significant amount of growth for the edge ecosystem in total.”

“In reality, distance doesn't really matter to us. I know some early people defined edge by latency, which I thought was a total fallacy.”

Show Timestamps:

(02:10) How Basil got into technology

(03:11) How Basil moved into the industry

(04:37) Basil’s path into SUSE

(06:35) What is K3s?

(07:25) How does K3s and other tech from SUSE help at the edge?

(09:19) How do Basil and SUSE think about the edge?

(09:43) The tiny edge

(10:14) Near edge and far edge

(11:47) The difference between on-premises and edge

(12:56) Real world retail example

(13:28) Applications running at the edge at a retail store

(14:58) Other use cases driving demand

(16:16) How are their customers navigating data center trends?

(19:55) Where does Basil see SUSE going?

(34:32) SUSE’s view towards open source

(39:17) Akri project

(45:13) What would Basil like to change to accelerate progress at the edge?


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