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S1E05: Digital Experience Monitoring in the Third Act of the Internet

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S1E05: Digital Experience Monitoring in the Third Act of the Internet
August 12, 2020

S1E05: Digital Experience Monitoring in the Third Act of the Internet

Today’s episode features an interview with Mehdi Daoudi, Co-founder and CEO of Catchpoint.

Mehdi Daoudi

Mehdi Daoudi

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Episode Transcript

Episode Summary:

Today’s episode features an interview between Matt Trifiro and Mehdi Daoudi, Co-founder and CEO of Catchpoint.

Mehdi’s experience in IT leadership at Google and DoubleClick inspired him to build the digital experience platform he envisioned as a user, and Catchpoint has been at the forefront of digital experience monitoring since it’s launch in 2008.

In this interview, Mehdi discusses Catchpoint’s cutting-edge approach to monitoring, the user demands that will drive innovation in the third act of the internet,  how the current pandemic will serve as a massive digital accelerator, and much more.

Key Quotes:

“Our mission is that we want to monitor as many things from as many locations as possible...and monitoring needs to be part of business strategy, not monitoring for the sake of monitoring.”

“It doesn’t matter what you monitor as long as you monitor it from the right location. So it's very important to monitor things from where the end users are. That's what we focus on at Catchpoint is outcome-based monitoring.”

“We focus on four key criteria. Our technology allows you to look at reachability-- can I get to you? If I can get to you, are you up or down? If you're up, how fast or slow are you? And then how reliable are you? And reliability is extremely important. Reliability means are you able to deliver the same quality of service 24/7?”

“Having a single CDN vendor is no longer an option...I’m surprised by how fast that movement has taken off-- before it was reserved for a few large, super sophisticated companies...but today literally everybody I talk to is doing multi-CDN, multi-cloud.”

“I think this pandemic has shown the need for better data, better network connectivity, better end-user experiences. It is a digital accelerator that no industry has ever seen. It’s a kick in the butt for all of us to innovate, bring solutions, and deliver on this challenge.”


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