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S1E06: How Open Source is Expanding the Horizon for IoT and Edge

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S1E06: How Open Source is Expanding the Horizon for IoT and Edge
August 19, 2020

S1E06: How Open Source is Expanding the Horizon for IoT and Edge

Today’s episode features an interview with Malini Bhandaru, Open Source Lead, IoT and Edge at VMware.

Malini Bhandaru

Malini Bhandaru

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Episode Transcript

Episode Summary:

Today’s episode features an interview between Matt Trifiro and Malini Bhandaru, who leads open source IoT and Edge efforts at VMware.

Malini has a Ph.D. in Machine Learning from the University of Massachusetts, and prior to joining VMware, worked on big data for autonomous driving and OpenStack for cloud infrastructure management at Intel.

In this interview, Malini discusses her work in The Open Source Technology Center at VMware, the valuable role that open source plays in IoT and Edge, and interesting use cases for how Edge is solving macro problems.

Key Quotes:

"That's the beautiful thing [about Edge] -- it's everything. It just combines everything, whether it's security, cryptography, blockchain, machine learning, or collecting sensor data that comes across to you from different protocols-- it's just everything."

“By making these open source projects and a lot of the infrastructure available, you're opening the flood gates to many more adopters and many more applications and solutions coming to market sooner. “

“The IoT edge market's going to grow to a trillion dollars. VMware is keeping its eye on the future when there's going to be more edge adoption and larger edges.”

“The telco edge is going to be pretty beefy and it will enable applications like virtual reality and augmented reality and connected cars. Some edges are going to be very, very beefy edges with a lot of compute, a lot of knowledge, a lot of storage at that edge.”


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