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S1E10: The Edge Will Be Bigger Than the Cloud

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S1E10: The Edge Will Be Bigger Than the Cloud
October 16, 2020

S1E10: The Edge Will Be Bigger Than the Cloud

Today’s episode features an interview with Mark Thiele, CEO & Founder of Edgevana.

Mark Thiele

Mark Thiele

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Episode Transcript

Episode Summary:

Today’s episode features an interview between Matt Trifiro and Mark Thiele, CEO & Founder of Edgevana

Following a 30-year career in IT and a post as the executive director of edge cloud at Ericsson’s Edge Gravity unit, Mark founded Edgevana last year with the goal of disrupting the existing processes for selling and buying co-location, edge, and data center services.

In this interview, Mark discusses his mission of lowering barriers-to-entry to deploy capability at the edge, the economics of shared infrastructure, and why he says the opportunity associated with the edge could be bigger than the cloud.

Key  Quotes:

“More and more people see the edge as a way to foster engagement with their customers, but also as a way to solve for business problems that people just assumed for years were intractable.”

“Cloud is going to continue to grow...but the edge eventually will be like a combination of enterprise workspace and the iPhone or Android store for applications. And the potential permutations of application and application types that could exist in that kind of future are just way beyond the million-plus apps that you would find in one of the phone stores.”

“I think cloud will play a bigger and bigger part going forward, but it's not because it'll take away from edge.”

“We're entering a world that edge computing is going to open up that I don't think we've ever seen before.”

“There is no way that the infrastructure we currently have at the edge will be enough to accommodate the kind of growth we'll see three to four years from now.”

“The opportunity associated with companies like Vapor IO and Edgevana is how do we actually get more value out of pre-existing footprint, beyond just the capacity of the existing white space floor.”

“I think one of the biggest areas of opportunity is...our ability to recreate life in all of its new forms, not just the remote office, but distributed entertainment in the vehicle, on the road, in the park, at home, whatever the case may be– because once people taste better, there is no going back. I think that that's likely the area where we'll see the most growth and change over the next 18 months.”


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