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S1E16: The Future of IoT Deployment at the Edge

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S1E16: The Future of IoT Deployment at the Edge
October 28, 2020

S1E16: The Future of IoT Deployment at the Edge

This episode features an interview with Sarah Beaudoin, Head of Customer Advocacy & Early Stage Marketing at ZEDEDA.

Sarah Beaudoin

Sarah Beaudoin

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Episode Transcript

Episode Summary:

Today’s episode features an interview between Matt Trifiro and Sarah Beaudoin, Head of Customer Advocacy and Early Stage Marketing at ZEDEDA.

As an early-stage marketer at ZEDEDA, Sarah is tackling the problems of creating awareness and adoption in a burgeoning industry.

In this interview, Sarah discusses her approach to solving those problems, as well as the present and future use cases and challenges of IoT deployment at the edge.

Key Quotes:

  • “In terms of edge and where we are today, there are a lot of unknowns. There's no prescription for ‘here's how you need to be successful at the edge’…But what we do know is that there are certain principles, like building it on an open architecture so you've got the flexibility to be able to work with whatever hardware and applications and cloud you need to work with.”
  • “When it comes to early-stage marketing, what we're doing is a lot of education across the board in terms of what is possible. It's about sharing examples of what customers are doing successfully, and sharing what people are trying to do– being a conduit so people can understand what else is out there.”
  • “From an early stage marketing perspective, it's very much about helping you understand what's possible. Here are the things you need to think about that are going to help you, not just today, but that can help you make sure that whatever you're putting in place today is going to expand to what you needed two years.”
  • “One thing that we're seeing across the board at the edge is that no single company is going to just own this space. This is an ecosystem of players that are going to work together to build solutions.”
  • “Latency always comes up as the number one reason why people think we need edge computing…But latency is not the number one issue for any of our customers. They're doing it because of bandwidth. They're doing it because they have too much data to send all of it to the cloud. It's too expensive. It takes too long. They need to deal with that data at the edge.”
  • “The edge has to be open…we believe very strongly in the power of open source and the fact that the edge–because it is so diverse in use cases and applications and hardware–it has to have an open foundation.”


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