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S1E17: The Cloud That Will Power and Scale the New Internet

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S1E17: The Cloud That Will Power and Scale the New Internet
November 4, 2020

S1E17: The Cloud That Will Power and Scale the New Internet

This episode features an interview with Mahdi Yahya, CEO & Founder of Ori Industries.

Mahdi Yahya

Mahdi Yahya

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Episode Transcript

Episode Summary:

Today’s episode features an interview between Matt Trifiro and Mahdi Yahya, CEO & Founder of Ori Industries.

Mahdi is an entrepreneur, investor, and former telecommunications executive who spent over 10 years building networks in data centers across the globe.

In this interview, Mahdi articulates his ambitious vision for bringing cloud-native technology to the edge and building a new kind of cloud with the ability to power and scale the new internet.

Key Quotes:

  • We're on the eve of a new internet… A smart internet that will power hospitals, cities, factories that are becoming increasingly intelligent and autonomous even today. And this internet requires a new cloud to power it, one that will be able to deliver it at scale. At Ori, we are building the new cloud that will allow us to power and scale this new internet.”
  • “If you are familiar with the telecom world, you know that there is a very real opportunity right now, and my focus is to seize that opportunity. We are working with the telecoms industry because we know it, I've worked with them for a very long time. I've worked with them from the outside in wholesale, and now in federation, and all these things that we can apply to edge computing. I'm applying my previous knowledge of that space and it's working, we're gaining a lot of traction.”
  • “I think the value today is securing the developers because building an edge native developer community is a big thing. We're all working towards that in the end, because that's how we secure the demand for the market, and the moment we capitalize on that demand, then we can scale the market.”
  • “For edge to work well, especially in the telecom space, you need a lot of infrastructure changes in place, and 5G is driving those changes. This is where I see the value of 5G for edge: it accelerated a lot of these changes on the legacy networks, and allows us to start running workloads exactly where we need them to run on the network in an efficient, distributed, and clever way.”
  • “I think soon the biggest trend in edge is going to be intelligence. How do you make these platforms more intelligent? Because in public clouds today, yes they are building a lot of products that are increasingly distributed, but when you look at this distributed infrastructure over a vast geography, the game is different.”


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