Season 2

S2E01: Driving Change at the Edge

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S2E01: Driving Change at the Edge
April 27, 2022

S2E01: Driving Change at the Edge

This episode features an interview between Ian Faison, CEO of Caspian Studios and Matt Trifiro, Chief Marketing Officer at Vapor IO.

Matt Trifiro

Matt Trifiro

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Episode Transcript

Episode Summary:

This episode of Over the Edge features an interview between Ian Faison, CEO of Caspian Studios and Matt Trifiro, Chief Marketing Officer at Vapor IO.

Matt leads Vapor IO’s global marketing, branding and communications efforts. He is an expert in strategic positioning and edge computing, Co-chair of the State of the Edge Report, and Chair of The Linux Foundation’s Open Glossary of Edge Computing. He is an expert at strategic positioning, category creation, and PR. Matt always asks a lot of questions in search of the threads of understanding that move markets.

In this episode Ian and Matt discuss the future and evolution of Edge computing, its scope and definition, and what that means for this podcast. They go over how Edge computing is powering the evolution of the internet grid, and what’s driving change in the industry. Ian and Matt also delve into the requirements for real time responsiveness, speed, and bandwidth to accomplish everything from complex computations to simply running a home appliance, which blur the line between what is traditionally considered the Edge and the Internet.

Key Quotes:

“As we improve the technology for virtual reality and augmented reality, and we reduce the weight of those headsets and the need to have a tether and all of these things, it may in fact become a much more compelling experience than it is today, which already is a fairly compelling experience. What are the challenges in delivering all these new experiences though Is that the internet can't do. It's not fast enough, it's not close enough. Or you start dealing with the speed of light as a problem among others and the infrastructure and the mechanisms to deliver these new kinds of services.”

“What's the difference between edge and on premises? Nobody has a good answer. The real answer is nobody cares. Nobody cares where the computer is. You just want it to work. And so what's much more important is that we build the infrastructure and the software systems that allow us to place workloads that are, whether it is driving a factory, or autonomous car, or a streetlight, or AI inferencing for a video camera, or a game for my twelve-year-old - you want suffer systems that place these workloads at the right place automatically and run them autonomously at machine speeds, which we've never been able to do before.”

“This idea that as a user, you're not thinking about where the electricity is coming from or how it's getting to you, or whether it's the right voltage or how many Hertz it's cycling between positive and negative. You're not thinking about any of that because that's not important. Just as long as your dishwasher, or your blender, or your coffee machine works, that's what you care about. And all this other very, very complex stuff happens on the backend in order for that to be possible. But you don't care about it, just as long as it works, and that's how the internet should be.”

“There's a lot of insights that come from one field that when applied to another field, give you advanced technology. So, biology applied to engineering or engineering applied to biology, or neuroscience applied to chemistry. It's really interesting how different fields create different metaphors and ways of things that when applied in a new field, create insight. And I just want to create that opportunity for more people to understand how all these pieces might fit together, to be excited about it, but also just to elevate the understanding of how the world works.”


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