Season 2

S2E02: Shaping the Future of Innovation

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S2E02: Shaping the Future of Innovation
May 4, 2022

S2E02: Shaping the Future of Innovation

This episode features an interview with Kit Colbert, SVP and CTO at VMware.

Kit Colbert

Kit Colbert

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Episode Transcript

Episode Summary:

In this episode Matt Trifiro interviews Kit Colbert, SVP and CTO at VMware. Kit started at VMware right out of college as an intern in 2003. He is responsible for ensuring VMware’s long term technology leadership through research and innovation programs, with the primary goal of positively impacting and shaping the future of VMware, its ecosystem, and its customers.

Kit talks about how his role as CTO at VMware isn’t typical compared to his peers, and how he’s both looking out for near term deliverables and ensuring the company has a viable future. He provides insight on what he has learned and how the company has adapted and progressed over the years, discussing everything from the future of connectivity and bandwidth to blockchain and the open grid alliance.

Key Quotes:

"We're trying to balance sort of two aspects. Number one, sort of our near term deliverables to help engineering accelerate and deliver these new products in new ways for us. And number two, also chartered with ensuring that we've got a viable future. And so we’re looking at the different sorts of innovation, research, and things that are going to be paying the bills in maybe five to seven years."

"It's basically a question of how do we as an industry build, deliver, and operate software. This is the challenge that we've been struggling with for the last few decades. And there's the sort of traditional model, which has been that you build it, then you test it, and then you ship it out to customers and they stand it up. I think the big shift that we're seeing is that people would prefer to get things as a service."

"People are now looking for everywhere. And, I think the opportunity goes back a lot to the programming model. How can we make this as simple as possible for developers? Because I think the easier that you can make it, that's where you're going to win. People love simplicity, and that's one of the beauty of cloud; there's a tremendous amount of complexity, but that complexity is largely hidden most of the time."


(02:00) Getting Started in Technology

(05:10) Working at VMware

(07:10) What does the CTO of VMware do?

(07:40) What an Organization Values

(08:40) Empowering Others

(10:20) Ensuring a Viable Future

(11:40) Existential Trends, Staying Ahead, and History of VMware

(13:10) VMware Product Focus and Security Considerations

(14:20) Focus of the office of CTO

(15:30) Blockchain

(17:50) Trends Driving Visualization and Multi-Cloud

(23:21) Edge Opportunities

(25:00) Open Grid Alliance

(28:30) Modern Application Design

(29:50) AI/ML Use Cases

(31:39) VSan and Automation

(35:05) Future of 6G and Networking

(38:50) Architecture Opportunities and Integration

(40:30) IoT and Considerations for Computing and Security

(42:15) Edge and Multi-Cloud

(45:00) Data Centers and Storage Locations

(47:50) Email Signatures

(54:10) Notion of Inclusion


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