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S3EP15: Generative AI at the Edge

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S3EP15: Generative AI at the Edge
November 15, 2023

S3EP15: Generative AI at the Edge

This episode features a conversation between Bill Pfeifer and Daniel Situnayake, Head of ML and Jenny Plunkett, Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Edge Impulse.

Daniel Situnayake,

Daniel Situnayake,

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Jenny Plunkett

Jenny Plunkett

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Episode Transcript

How is AI being used at the edge, and what possibilities does this create for businesses? In this episode, host Bill Pfeifer sits down with the co-authors of the book AI at the Edge, Daniel Situnayake, Head of ML, and Jenny Plunkett, Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Edge Impulse. They discuss how to determine which problems can actually be addressed through AI at the edge, how to think about effective AI, and unexpected use cases in generative AI and synthetic data generation.

Key Quotes:

“We're going to be using generative AI to help us build a synthetic data set to train other AI models to deploy to edge devices.” - Jenny

“One of the things that's really cool about synthetic data and using generative AI for that, is it potentially reduces the cost of training a model because instead of having to spend huge amounts of money labeling all this data, if you create the data yourself, you can have it implicitly be labeled.” - Dan

Show Timestamps: 

(01:49) How did they get started in tech?

(03:14) What brought them to AI?

(08:12) What brought them together to write their book?

(13:26) Determining which problems can be addressed with AI at the edge

(15:51) What possibilities does AI at the edge create for businesses?

(20:41) Synthetic data and generative AI

(24:15) Using AI for data distillation

(31:00) Building a skilled and interdisciplinary team

(39:30) AI’s transition from a career path to a tool

(43:06) Effective AI

(46:46) Edge / wildlife conservation case study

(49:37) What are they excited about moving forward?


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Over the Edge is hosted by Bill Pfeifer, and was created by Matt Trifiro and Ian Faison. Executive producers are Matt Trifiro, Ian Faison, Jon Libbey and Kyle Rusca. The show producer is Erin Stenhouse. The audio engineer is Brian Thomas. Additional production support from Elisabeth Plutko and Eric Platenyk.


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