Season 3

S3EP18: DevRel and the Future of IT

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S3EP18: DevRel and the Future of IT
January 3, 2024

S3EP18: DevRel and the Future of IT

This episode features an interview between Bill Pfeifer and Brad Maltz, Senior Director of the DevOps Portfolio and DevRel at Dell Technologies.

Brad Maltz

Brad Maltz

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Episode Transcript

What is the future of IT and how does it affect careers at the edge? In this episode, Bill sits down with Brad Maltz, Senior Director of the DevOps Portfolio and DevRel at Dell Technologies to discuss DevRel, EdgeOps and how IT can adapt to the momentum of edge technologies.

Key Quotes:

“Do you truly need to designate that physical destination as an edge versus cloud versus data center? I don't think you do.”

“The DevOps movement is well positioned to help the edge going forward.”

“DevOps to me is an operating model. It's all about IT technology-oriented folks needing to become more agile to partner and satisfy their end users.”

Show Timestamps:

(01:10) How Brad got started in tech

(02:47) What is DevRel and why is it important?

(06:28) How should IT adapt to growth at the edge?

(09:39) Who is IT at this point?

(12:24) How can IT prepare and stay relevant?

(24:56) If Brad were starting in tech now, what would he focus on?

(28:50) The role of platform engineering

(31:15) Will the terms data center, cloud and edge matter in the future?

(37:43) What is Brad looking forward to in Devrel and IT?


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Over the Edge is hosted by Bill Pfeifer, and was created by Matt Trifiro and Ian Faison. Executive producers are Matt Trifiro, Ian Faison, Jon Libbey and Kyle Rusca. The show producer is Erin Stenhouse. The audio engineer is Brian Thomas. Additional production support from Elisabeth Plutko and Eric Platenyk.


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