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S3EP19: Space - The Ultimate Edge Use Case

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S3EP19: Space - The Ultimate Edge Use Case
January 17, 2024

S3EP19: Space - The Ultimate Edge Use Case

This episode features an interview between Bill Pfeifer and Elizebeth Varghese, Partner / Principal, Space Economy Acceleration Leader at Deloitte.

Elizebeth Varghese

Elizebeth Varghese

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Episode Transcript

What is the future of edge computing in the space age? In this episode, Bill sits down with Elizebeth Varghese, Partner / Principal, Space Economy Acceleration Leader at Deloitte to discuss her work on bitcoin and the spacefaring economy, and how it relates to the future of edge computing.

Key Quotes:

“In combining that aspect of edge computing and the blockchain aspect, you can manage digital identities. Individuals can have control and self sovereign control over their individual identities because they can control what's shared, they can control how it's shared, and that's not something that they need to rely on a third party.”

“Lots of IT folk are going to have to understand the non-terrestrial aspect of data management... I think IT leaders and technologists are going to have to understand this intersection with data that gets piped from somewhere else.”

“I'd expect edge computing to decentralize space data marketplace where users could buy and sell data directly from satellites.”

Show Timestamps: 

(01:15) Elizabeth’s work and background

(05:56) The human side of blockchain

(16:56) What is the space economy?

(20:16) Primary non-terrestrial use cases

(23:30) Managing space-based data

(28:59) What comes next?


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Over the Edge is hosted by Bill Pfeifer, and was created by Matt Trifiro and Ian Faison. Executive producers are Matt Trifiro, Ian Faison, Jon Libbey and Kyle Rusca. The show producer is Erin Stenhouse. The audio engineer is Brian Thomas. Additional production support from Elisabeth Plutko and Eric Platenyk.


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