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S3EP21: Where Multi-Cloud and Edge Intersect

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S3EP21: Where Multi-Cloud and Edge Intersect
February 14, 2024

S3EP21: Where Multi-Cloud and Edge Intersect

This episode features a conversation between Bill Pfeifer and Jeff DeVerter, Chief Technology Evangelist at Rackspace Technology.

Jeff DeVerter

Jeff DeVerter

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Episode Transcript

Where do multi-cloud and edge intersect?  What is the dividing line between them? In this episode, Bill sits down with Jeff DeVerter, Chief Technology Evangelist at Rackspace Technology, to dive into relationships between edge, multi-cloud, managed hosting, and colos. They discuss the never-ending decisions that have to be made regarding where to host data.

Key Quotes:

“I don't like thinking about things from the angle of how can I save money? What I do like on the fin-up side, is how do I ensure that every dollar, every peso, every euro I'm going to spend on technology is going to drive meaningful business outcomes?”

“What excites me about the future of edge computing? First of all, because it is a first class citizen today and not a buzzword. That one gets me excited, that it is a core component of most enterprise architectures these days and a first-class citizen there.”


(01:00) How Jeff got started in tech

(06:43) The lin between edge, cloud, and colos

(12:43) IT has to understand the business side

(14:51) Views on multi-cloud
(26:36) Managed hosting at Rackspace
(28:12) Navigating egress fees

(32:08) Is moving to the cloud the riskiest thing a company will do?

(38:08) Do customers care about edge as a term?

(41:20) What excites Jeff about the future of the edge?


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Over the Edge is hosted by Bill Pfeifer, and was created by Matt Trifiro and Ian Faison. Executive producers are Matt Trifiro, Ian Faison, Jon Libbey and Kyle Rusca. The show producer is Erin Stenhouse. The audio engineer is Brian Thomas. Additional production support from Elisabeth Plutko.


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