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S4EP5: Digital Infrastructure in an Emerging AI World

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S4EP5: Digital Infrastructure in an Emerging AI World
June 5, 2024

S4EP5: Digital Infrastructure in an Emerging AI World

This episode features an interview between Bill Pfeifer and Greg Cudahy, Global Leader of TMT and Global Industries AI Leader at EY.

Greg Cudahy

Greg Cudahy

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Episode Transcript

Organizations need access to digital infrastructure and communications networks to leverage AI in a cost effective way. In this episode, Bill sits down with Greg Cudahy, Global Leader of TMT and Global Industries AI Leader at EY, to discuss digital infrastructure in an emerging AI world. The two talk about the judgment calls we will have to make about AI and how culture impacts AI use.

Key Quotes:

“The people part of generative AI is every bit as important to get traction as the technology is.”

“All the forecasts are saying that roughly 75 percent of the data over the next 10 years that we see, that's acted upon for AI or any other business use, is going to come from edge computing. It's a groundswell. This is a huge trend.”

“As edge computing rises, you're creating more points of entry for bad actors. So the importance of cyber has never been higher.”

“Moving all this data that AI requires means huge investment in communications networks, even more than we've got today…. People don't think about moving the data. They think about what I'm going to do with it. They don't think about what this gigantic swell of volume of data is going to go….Enabling communications infrastructure has got to be a priority for virtually every nation state right now.”

(01:25) How Greg got started in tech

(09:38) AI shifting from a feature/function to a focus business outcome

(14:35) Bespoke models at scale

(19:00) What bandwidth do we allow AI to work within?

(32:59) How corporate and geographic cultures impact the use of AI

(34:46) Navigating regulation and security concerns with AI at the edge

(41:29) The need to invest in communications networks to move data


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